Extensive Fender Rhodes Electric Piano Review

So there's a group of Fender Rhodes aficionados who post by the name of "Audiotech VR" on Youtube. The video that they've posted is well over an hour long. The video describes the Rhodes Electric Piano, its pieces and its function, and a bit of history as to when it first started being built. They describe the Rhodes in its heyday and put theirs through a number of different songs and artists. They then also go through and put the Rhodes through several effects for a really cool viewing experience.

AudioTech VR demonstrates Fender Rhodes in depth 30Jul2015
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Update: Much Sickness in the Household

Sorry we haven't been on the usual posting schedule.

There was a nasty bout of Strep Throat that went through my household these past couple of weeks. Everyone is on the mend, so Thermionic Studios will be back to a regular posting schedule soon.

Around the office, we have attempted to sort out our thoughts regarding the differences between club owners and musicians, and we WILL post something on it shortly.

Thanks for your support!

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Houston Press: Volley Back to Bar Owners

In our continuing saga of Musicians vs Club Owners, there's yet another entry from the Houston Press. How the Houston Press would have come across the posting, especially given its apparently short life on the Tampa Craigslist site is all the more amazing. Clearly when that club owner posted his missive, it struck a chord.

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OnStageMagazine: Open Letter From a Bar Owner

We need to offer some background on this letter first:
1.) It would appear that Chris LeDrew originally found this posting at the beginning of 2013.
2.) It appears to have been reposted by Chris, or someone known to Chris who gave him credits at On Stage Magazine.
3.) Presuming the chain of custody and the chain of information is correct, this Craiglist posting was listed briefly in the Tampa site...

OnStageMagazine Posts Craigslist Rant By Club Bar Owner
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GreatSouthernBrainFart: Letter from Musician to Bar Owners

So we ended up finding out this interesting juxtaposition between a working musician, Bill Lonero, and a club owner. Bill, the musician, laid out his position in a 15 point manifesto. It was a pretty good manifesto. It was reasoned well. It was articulated well. I found it to be a little snarky with respect to the club owner's perspective (by writing "maybe you shouldn't be hosting live music?"), but at the same time I can totally understand where he's coming from.

The Whisky A GoGo - Can We End Pay-to-Play?
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Since We Missed April Fools...

We missed April Fools' both because of the too cool news of Les Paul's old pickup winder being put back into service, and because of our work on the Amp Fix-up we'd done.

No more! We will be better prepared next year, we promise! Please enjoy this comic. We got it from one of the many "musician groups" we're a member of on Facebook. See you Monday!

Apparently Led Zeppelin Listeners go to Heaven, ACDC Listeners Go to Hell
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