Finally Some Help Against Music Gear Theft!

You probably know the DeWalt company for cordless drills and stuff from Home Depot or Lowe's... (Do they even sell DeWalt at Lowe's?)

This time DeWalt has come out with a product that is very applicable and helpful for touring bands and musicians. It's called the DeWalt Mobile Lock, and we think that this piece of equipment will probably not prevent thefts so much as it will help in getting the stolen gear back quickly. This is not a substitute for a lock for your vehicle(s) or trailer, but it's clearly a great compliment to that. In fact, we have heard of bands buying the kinds of boots that parking authorities put on cars if someone has too many unpaid parking tickets. The band will put the boot on the car, van, or trailer, if only to prevent the vehicle (and more importantly the gear inside) from finding its way into someone else's possession and away forever.

The DeWalt Mobile Lock appears to have been developed for construction and other job sites where gear and tools, at the end of the day, get put away and left on-site, as opposed to going back to the contractor's shop.

However, there's no reason this device couldn't be hidden in a vehicle (as discussed above), or more importantly, hidden inside a piece of gear (like a drum, an amp, or a speaker cab), since those may end up disappearing out of a vehicle nonetheless.

We don't actually like hawking new gear or equipment, but we really think that this can help touring bands.

Check it out here:

DeWalt Mobile Lock 12 Jul 2015 Don't Lose Your Music Gear!
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