Rammstein: "I Wouldn't Start a Band Today..."

Per the article posted by Stef Lach on classicrock.teamrock.com: Till Lindemann of Rammstein opines that there will be no future huge rock acts.

"I wouldn't start a band today..."

"We're never going see bands like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath again. It's over."

We don't think that Lindemann is incorrect, at least for the short term. We do think he's incorrect about never. Never is a long time. We do believe that society is far different than it was 40-50 years ago and therefore music must be. Society is far more heterogeneous. There are a lot more minorities who self-identify, and they are demanding to participate in society as minorities. If Lindemann is saying that the days of a homogeneous and therefore monolithic society are over, we agree with him.

We disagree that there will not be future openings in music and popular culture for "supergroups". There are a lot more choices today than there were 40-50 years ago. This isn't a good or a bad thing, it's just an "is" thing. That said there are also no longer the institutional and business pieces in place to help make heavy rock acts the headliners that they used to be. But we're not interested in revisiting the past. We do want a future filled with awesome music, heavy and otherwise. New businesses and institutions need to be formed in the face of today's reality in music. We're looking forward to helping make that happen.

Personally, I do think it's funny that a band like Rammstein is categorized as "Classic Rock". Whatever.

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