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Current Doom Works too!

Just found this! Very pleased.

Released in 2013: Black Oath. Nice tempo. Good (not great) vocal harmonies. No banshee screaming or cookie monster. If this is their freshman effort, I expect great things from them in their future. I'll be putting these guys on the short list for my next purchase.



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Blood of the Sun

In what is arguably the finest expression of the form, we present Blood of the Sun. For the quality of music that this band puts out, they seem to be dancing with obscurity. We're not aware of any particulars of this band. They just write and perform music that evokes 1971 at its finest.

Blood of the Sun's album Death Ride
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Formed in 1993 in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada, Sheavy (or sHEAVY) has an incredible sound. Clearly they love themselves some Black Sabbath. I looked them up because I wanted to hear a tune of theirs and had forgotten just how much I like them. "Synchronized" is the tune linked below:

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Finnish Doom Rockers: Supertzar

I found these guys a couple of years ago. Great tone. Great distortion. Great vocals. Powerful. I liked them so much, that while it was possible to just download their music, I made a point of purchasing their work. Love the album art. Love the songs. Everytime I hear the vocals I'm amazed.