25 Things Every MUSICIAN Should Know

Found a great article, linked just below. It's geared for guitarists, but just about anyone who is looking to become a professional musician can learn from the advice posted. The article is titled "25 things every guitarist should know". If you're an aspiring musician, there's some really solid advice about getting your act together to become a working musician. Like all articles, this does not encompass everything that you ought to know and put into practice (that would require a book), but it's a very reasonable place to start.


The irony is that the journal is called "Guitar World" despite the fact that there is a quite-well-known-periodical called "Guitar World". I'm gathering that the magazine hasn't reached out to the author either because it appears the author is in France and outside the jurisdiction (or legal cost), or because "Guitar World", the magazine, doesn't know, or more likely, doesn't care.

Either way, after looking at a whole lot of the articles on the site, we're very impressed with the free instruction that's available. Both from a musical lessons standpoint, and a business savvy standpoint the instruction appears to be very, very, good. I don't yet know how to get a hold of the site author/admin to request syndicating the available feed. I'll see what I can do. Until I'm told "no", the RSS feed shall be included in our Feeds page.

Get to reading and get to rocking!

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