Orange Goblin: Frequencies from Planet Ten

So we've loved Orange Goblin for years here at Thermionic. It occured to us to share Orange Goblin here because, while we like to find and share new (and old) obscure stuff that we search out, sometimes we're so deep in it, we don't realize that what's "well known". Orange Goblin is one of those bands that clearly creates and performs great music. They really haven't broken through. There's no radio airplay. There's no mention of them in the media. Of course, that could be said of just about every "heavy" band today.

Orange Goblin seems to share the same kind of kitschy "post-war atomic space-age horror flick" sensibility that Wofat has now, and that White Zombie did in the mid 1990s. We suppose the kinship between "White Zombie" and "Orange Goblin" should be sort of obvious with the whole "Color Monster" thing going on with the band names. Frequencies From Planet Ten was released in 1997, so there probably shouldn't be any mistaking the obvious.

The only glitch in that theory is that White Zombie was from the U.S. (New York City) and is now defunct, while Orange Goblin is from the U.K. (London) and is still going strong.


This is their first album. Some of our favorite tracks from it are:

  • Saruman's Wish
  • The Astral Project
  • Song of the Purple Mushroom Fish
  • Land of Secret Dreams

But really, the whole album is great. We hope you enjoy it enough to purchase all of Orange Goblin's output. We have.


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