Vox Wah and Crybaby Wah Pedals

So I actually saw this a few years ago, and it just occured to me that this would be a great post here - not because it's "new" (it was released in 2011 at www.crybabydoc.com), but because crybabydoc.com now forwards to jimdunlop.com instead of showing the movie, we thought it would be important to make sure that the links are still available. I have been, since its release, looking for a DVD of the crybaby movie to purchase, but none has been forthcoming.

It's a definitive movie about the development and progress of the wah wah pedal in its influence of modern music. The guy who invented the wah wah pedal, Brad Plunkett, is still alive and is interviewed for the movie, which I think is pretty cool.


Check it out!

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