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Here is what convinced me:


Thermionic Studios has one(1) Hard Bargain PCB. When assembly is completed, the pedal will be available for rental.


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  • Knob 1 - "Gain": Adjusts the distortion level with fully clockwise being maximum distortion.
  • Knob 2 - "Tilt": Tone control with fully counter-clockwise being all bass, and fully clockwise all treble.
  • Knob 3 - "Mid Cut/Boost": Noon setting is neutral mids. Turn left to remove mids, clockwise to add mids.
  • Knob 4 - "Level": Volume output for the pedal. Turn knob to the right for more output.
  • Footswitch 1 - "On/Off": This footswitch toggles the pedal between engaged/active ("On"), and bypassed ("Off")

Bypass: True

Electric Druid Pedals are true bypass

General Information

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Never forget that regardless of whatever informational section, good descriptions of things (in this case pedals) require ad-libbing additional Subjects/Titles, and Sub-Subjects/Titles. This is important as particular and peculiar features regarding a pedal stand out, and thus require calling out. Let form follow function.

Pedal Manual

Phase Inversion: Yes/No

Schematic ID Electronic Part Action Phase State


Electric Druid is the first pedal company we've seen using the Creative Commons licensing scheme, which we like a lot.

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We are currently unaware of any artists actively using the pedal now, or who have in the past.

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