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All original works are copyright © 2013-2018 Thermionic Studios.

Statement of Values

Thermionic Studios believes that all wikis, and this wiki in particular, would not be useful without the legal concept of "Fair Use". Thermionic Studios also believes that Fair Use can and has been abused and endeavors not to engage in such behavior.

Thermionic Studios has no wish to take credit for the work of others.


We will make every effort for all the text on the site, and in this wiki to be original work. In those cases where we are quoting another author's words, we will make every effort to link to the original work and make every effort to properly attribute those words. While we will make every effort to attribute accurately, due to the constantly changing nature of the World Wide Web and the corresponding "link rot" that occurs due to this constant change, 100% accuracy will not be reasonably possible. For accurate historical documentation, all original quotations and attributions will be retained in such cases of link rot. If we are informed of a live web location of otherwise link-rotted quoted material, we will of course update the corresponding links and attribution with all deliberate speed. Regardless, we will always make every effort to attribute works that are not our own. We have no reason to believe that anything other than quoted text is original work. Upon being noticed, anything that can be reasonably demonstrated to not be original work that is also not attributed will either be rewritten as soon as possible, so as to actually be original work, or will be attributed as quickly as possible.


Thermionic Studios believes that all images posted to the Thermionic Studios journal (blog) and wiki are also to be either original work, or consist of images that are in the public domain, or are subject to Fair Use. For those images that can be reasonably demonstrated not to be original work, in the public domain, or subject to Fair Use, we will again, with all deliberate speed, remove such image(s) and either create a new original image to replace the private image, or attempt to negotiate a reasonable licensing agreement.