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Updated 31-Oct-2022

Please note for the kits and PCBs that they are selling, Fuzzdog now includes the names of the original pedals. The term they use is "Inspired By".

Please also be informed that with Fuzzdog now calling out the pedals being cloned or "inspired by", we will no longer be actively updating this list. If you'd like to submit updates, we'll be happy to accept and update accordingly, but doing so will not be a priority. Thank you.

We have no idea if Fuzzdog found this list and used it to fill in the information for most of their pages, or simply used it as an impetus to fill in the corresponding information. Most likely, they're oblivious to this page and did it on their own. A quick spot-check on our part using a random sample of different pedals on their site seems to match up, so... In either case we'll accept their updated practice as flattery.

There's one nice outcome from this, and that's that Fuzzdog has filled in any remaining holes. We've updated accordingly. Every entry should have a corresponding match.

The pedals in the lists below that are linked are pedals that we've purchased and are or will be making available.

General Info

Here are pedal kits that are/were offered by Fuzzdog in the UK. We take no position on the kits and PCBs that Fuzz Dog makes available. We have purchased a number of PCBs from Fuzzdog in order to ensure that we have certain vintage-style pedals (meaning the guts are the same, or work-alike) available for rental. We do not believe in undercutting existing pedal manufacturers who offer original pedals at reasonable prices. Fuzzdog offers many such pedals in order for people to get a "more affordable" version of a pedal that's currently being offered for sale. Barring a few special exceptions, we will neither build, nor rent such pedals despite the fact we've accidentally purchased a couple of such pedals or PCBs.

If you want a pedal that makes a certain sound and that pedal is still in production by the original manufacturer, we advise you purchase that pedal, or rent ours. While it may seem cheaper to build the pedal yourself, please be reminded that this does not include the price of the soldering station, the necessary testing tools (to consistently build working pedals), or the other incidentals that you have to get in order to do the actual work to assemble a pedal (Drill motor or Drill Press, Bits, parts cabinets, etc...).

Now, there are certain pedal manufacturers that charge exorbitant prices for pedals that have very little, in terms of components. To these manufacturers, more often than not their cost is maybe $25.00 worth of parts. It is often also the case that such pedals come from electronic schematics that were worked out long ago by someone else. We have little sympathy for such pedal manufacturers when people make clones of their pedals because these manufacturers are charging exorbitant prices for circuits that they themselves have copied. We believe it to be perfectly ethical to clone and make available such pedals when those certain manufacturers are demonstrably preying on customers' lack of information, and are in effect, building, selling, and misrepresenting these clones as original work they did themselves.

Despite our moralizing and finger-wagging, if there are vintage pedals that you're looking to get and those pedals are either not available or perhaps they're only available because they are rare and expensive, but are no longer being made, we think it's entirely reasonable to not want to spend stupid amounts of money for something that only might, from an audio standpoint, give you the sound that you want. Vintage pedals continue to die as components age out or burn up, and as people who own these things die, and as the curators of various estates, not knowing the utility and value, inadvertently pitch these treasures into the trash.

In addition to vintage pedals, there are other cases wherein a pedal may have been made with a very small run and limited distribution (like the Kendrick Amplifiers "Buffalo Pfuz"). There are other cases where a certain model of pedal was made in a small batch for a particular artist (like the "Brian May Treble Boost"). In these cases as well, we endorse the re-creation of such pedals and/or effects that have been effectively abandoned by the original manufacturer.

In any event, there are a number of pedals that are interesting that are no longer available from the manufacturer that originally developed them. In these cases, you would be well advised to either borrow or rent someone else's pedal, or, if you wanted to make a bigger investment, build your own.

And no, despite the fact that here at Thermionic Studios, we have built and continue to build pedals for the purpose of renting them out, we are not a "for-hire" pedal assembly shop. Of course, everything is negotiable, but we think you'd likely decide that the price we'd charge for building your pedal in a timely manner isn't worth your money.


This is a list that was pulled originally from a British site with a discussion thread called The Fretboard: Poodle Pedal Parts Emporium Decoded. This list also contains our most recent review of the site and the "clone" pedals that Fuzzdog offers (As of 15-Sep-2020). In having added to this list we've at least doubled it. The exciting part is that this means that since May 2014, Fuzzdog has practically doubled the inventory of offerings available to build pedals. Whether or not these PCBs are still available...? You'll have to check with Fuzzdog...

We are recreating and providing the list here (and occasionally updating it) for no other use than for us here at Thermionic Studios to reference. It may also serve to help provide guidance if someone is looking to recreate a vintage pedal that's no longer in production and might find here the means for doing so. And no, our pedals aren't for sale, only rental.

While we've done our best to be as thorough as possible, you'll see in the lists below that there are cases where there is no corresponding original pedal name. In those cases where there is not a match, it means that:

  • None was provided by from the original discussion thread, or,
  • New pedal kits have been created and offered by Fuzzdog since the original posting, or,
  • There are no hints from the text at the Fuzzdog website helping anyone clue into which pedal is being cloned, or,
  • Despite our attempts (or the attempts of additional contributors) to determine which is the original pedal, we have not been able find a match, or,
  • It may be a Fuzzdog original and therefore has no "match".

If you're aware of a match that we don't have listed, please contact us and let us know, we'll be happy to give you credit!


Certain letter groupings below have an additional column, "Discontinued?". This is to call out pedal kits or pcbs that were at one time manufactured by Fuzzdog, but no longer appear to be available.

That is all. Cheers.

FuzzDog's Pedal Kits List


The "19 Bells Multi-Muff Fuzz" is a "multi-muff", calling for different parts in order to make different builds (as seen below)...

Total # Group# Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
1 1 186,282 MPS Drive Greer Amps Lightspeed Overdrive
2 2 19 Bells Fuzz (Pink Pig) Skreddy P19 Fuzz
3 3 19 Bells Fuzz (The Bell) Mojo Hand Iron Bell
4 4 1978 IC Big Muff Pi V4-5 EHX opamp Big Muff
5 5 3-Band Rat Fuzzdog-tweaked Proco Rat with 3-band EQ
6 6 4-Track Fuzz MidFi Electronics Demo Tape Fuzz
7 7 7 of Dwarves Auto Wah Mad Professor Snow White


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
8 1 A-B Switcher Box Fuzzdog Original
9 2 ABY Switch + K-Buffer Fuzzdog Original
10 3 Acti-Boost: Type A & Type R Xotic Effects AC Booster/RC Booster
11 4 Amber Chuck V4 JHS Charlie Brown
12 5 Ampeg Scrambler Ampeg Scrambler
13 6 Ampegulator: Ampeg Amp Shaper Catalinbread SFT
14 7 Analog-like Echo Wampler Faux Analog Echo
15 8 Angry Andy JHS AT
16 9 Angry Chuck V3 JHS Angry Charlie
17 10 Angry Chuck V4 listed by Fuzzdog as "inspired by the JHS Angry Charlie"
18 11 Animatron Human Gear Animato
19 12 AstroTone Fuzz: Sam Ash Fuzzz Box Sam Ash Fuzzz Box
(boutique variant: Mojo Tone Cosmic Ash)
20 13 AtmosFear Fuzz Hovercraft Ionostrofear
21 14 Axis Fuzz Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
22 1 Bad Mofo Bass Drive Mini D*A*M Ezekiel 25-17
23 2 Bad Mofo Bass Overdrive Preamp D*A*M Ezekiel 25-17
24 3 Ball Breaker Marshall Blues Breaker
25 4 Bass Pig - Hog's Foot bass boost EHX Hog’s Foot
26 5 Baxandall Big Muff Pi Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan
27 6 Bazz Fuzz Christian (@ homewrecker.com) Bazz Fuss
28 7 Beast Overdrive J Rockett Animal
XX 8 Beast Overdrive (Blue Beast variant) J Rockett Blue Note
29 9 BeeBaa Fuzz Roland Bee Baa Fuzz
30 10 Bee Juice Overdrive Mad Professor Sweet Honey
31 11 Big Beefy Preamp - Boost and OD Xotic Effects BB Preamp
32 12 Big Fat Balls - Dynamic Bass Envelope Filter EHX Bass Balls
33 13 Big Fluffy Pie - Bass Blender Bass Big Muff Pi
34 14 Big Muff Pi EHX Big Muff Pi
35 15 Big Muff Pi Fuzz - Big Box See Previous
36 16 Big Muff Pi Tone Stack See Previous
37 17 Billowing Smoke Drive Earthquaker Devices Plumes
38 18 Bimble Fuzz Third Man Bumble Buzz
39 19 Bionic Guzz Fun Death by Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun
40 20 Bionic Guzz Fun kit - Vertical format See Previous
xx 21 Black Ash Fuzz Earthquaker Devices Black Ash Endangered Fuzz
41 22 Blaster - Alembic Stratoblaster Alembic Stratoblaster
42 23 Blend-a-Fenda Fender Blender
43 24 Blender - signal mixer Fuzzdog Original
44 25 Blue Fool - MXR Blue Box+ MXR Blue Box
45 26 Blue Pow Drive KingTone Blues Power
46 27 Boner Boost Z.Vex Super Hard-On
47 28 Box of Bax Boost EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job
48 29 Box of Krunch MI Audio Crunch Box
49 30 Box of Tone 50 Lovepedal COT50
50 32 Brass Blender Moosopotamus Brass Blender
51 32 BrassMaster Maestro Brass Master
52 33 Brian May Treble Boost Brian May Treble Booster
53 34 BSIAB2 - Brown Sound in a Box Ed Guidry's BSIAB2
54 35 BuzzAround Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
55 1 Cab Sim ROG Condor Runoff Groove Condor Cabinet Simulator
56 2 Candyman Overdrive Paul Cochrane Timmy
57 3 Cherub Chorus Frequency Central Little Angel Chorus
58 4 Chestnut Mutt Bass Fuzz Chunk Systems Brown Dog
59 5 Chilly Biscuit Distortion Crowther Hot Cake
60 6 Chimera PreAmp Benson Amps Preamp
61 7 Clapton Mid Boost Clapton's On-board Mid Boost
62 8 Clay Jones Overdrive Landgraff Dynamic OD / Clay Jones OD
63 9 Clock of Tone Lovepedal COT50 with Fred Briggs
at Revolution Deux COT50 mods
64 10 Cloven Ripper EarthQuaker Devices Hoof Reaper
65 11 Cone Cranker EarthQuaker Devices Speaker Cranker
66 12 Cone Ripper - Filthy OD/Fuzz
different parts for different builds
Devi Ever Torn's Peaker /
Devi Ever Aenima /
Devi Ever US Fuzz /
Devi Ever Never Drive
67 13 Conkador Fuzzstortion Way Huge Conquistador Distortion
68 14 Country Crunch Drive Wampler Paisley Drive
69 15 Cream Fluff Fuzz Frantone Cream Puff Fuzz
70 16 Crimson Nipper Drive Menatone Red Snapper
71 17 Crusher: Analog Bit Crusher Bit Experimentalists Anonymous Bit Crusher
by Colin Raffel
72 18 CSound Tremolo Colorsound Tremolo


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
73 1 Death Drive EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal
74 2 Death Drive Mini EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal, minus post-boost
75 3 Deep Vibes Optical Vibe Machine EarthQuaker Devices The Depths
76 4 Dirt Dealer Fuzz EarthQuaker Devices Dirt Transmitter
77 5 Dirt Dessert: Harmonic Messulator Crowther Audio Prunes & Custard
78 6 Dirty Kazoo Overdrive Lovepedal Kalamazoo
79 7 Disorder Drive Fulltone OCD
80 8 Double-Down Boner Boost / OD ZVEX Super Duper 2n1 Dual Boost
81 9 Dr. Boogie Distortion Electrictabs Dr. Boogie
82 10 Dual Boner Z-Vex Channel 2
83 11 Dude Boost Tim Escobedo Duende-Jfet
84 12 Dumb Lloyd Shin’s Dumbloid


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name Discontinued?
85 1 EA Tremolo Electronics Australia Tremolo
86 2 Eagle Claw OD EarthQuaker Devices Talons
87 3 Echo Blue Delay Mad Professor Deep Blue
88 4 Eight Two Zero Maxon OD-820
89 5 Electrica + Electra Distortion / and inspired by
Lovepedal Champ /
Lovepedal Woodrow
90 6 EMpathy Drive Emerson Em Drive
91 7 Emperor Dual OD Analogman King of Tone
92 8 Engineer's Thumb Compressor Valve Wizard's Engineer Thumb
93 9 English Channel - Vertical Format Runoff Groove English Channel
94 10 English Channel - Vox Top-Boost In A Box Runoff Groove English Channel
95 11 Engorged Gherkin Fuzz Way Huge Swollen Pickle
96 12 Enlightened Drive Hermida Zendrive
97 13 EPic Boost Xotic Effects EP Booster
98 14 Evil Android Octave Down Fuzz Dwarfcraft Devices Robot Devil
99 15 Ex-Con Overdrive* Friedman BE-OD
100 16 Expandotron-ZZ Bixonic Expandora
101 17 Exploder Fuzz* inspired by EarthQuaker Devices Erupter


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name Discontinued?
102 1 FA-1 FET Preamp Boss FA-1 FET Amplifier
103 2 Fat-Ass Blooper - Buffered Bass Looper Moosapotamus' Paralooper
104 3 Fat Furry Freak - Bass Fuzz Monster ZVex Woolly Mammoth
105 4 Fat Furry Freak - board-mounted pots See Previous
106 5 Fat Furry Freak - Vertical config See Previous
107 6 Figaro Drive - Brian May In-A-Box Catalinbread Galileo
108 7 Filth Fack! - Crazy Germanium Fuzz Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
109 8 Filth Fack! - Vertical config See Previous
110 9 Finger of Fuzz Penny Pedals Fingerprint
111 10 Forever Lovepedal Eternity Yes
112 11 Forever Explosion Lovepedal Eternity Burst Yes
113 12 FoxxTave - Foxx Tone Machine Fuzz Foxx Tone Machine / Fulltone Ultimate Octave
114 13 Fuzz Face Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
115 14 Fuzz Face - Mini See Previous
116 16 Fuzz Raw V1 (7 transistor) Death By Audio Fuzz War (original 7 transistor version)
117 17 Fuzz Raw - V2 (4 transistor) Death By Audio Fuzz War (revised 4 transistor version)
118 15 Fuzzy Muff EHx Muff Fuzz


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
119 1 Gee-Wizz Muff Cornish G-2
120 2 Germanium Tart Tortemann / Telenordia TA-100
121 3 GimpFX Ultr-Fk Fuzz Mountain King Megalith
122 4 The Gimp - Filthy Fack With Added OOMPH Z.Vex Fuzz Factory
123 5 Glam Chorus Madbean Pedals Glam Chorus
124 6 Gloomy Drive Creepy Fingers Doomidrive (based on Univox Uni-Drive)
125 7 Goliath Space Fuzz Spaceman Titan II
126 8 Gory Digit Guitar Tone Company Bloody Finger
127 9 Graphic Fuzz Earth Sound Research Graphic Fuzz
128 10 Greasy Tool - Crossover Distortion Z.Vex Machine
129 11 Green Citrus Branimir Bozak (DIYStompBoxes) Green Citrus
130 12 Green Ghetto Greer Amps Ghetto Stomp / Green Giant
131 13 Green Stinger - Octave UP! Dan Armstrong Green Ringer
132 14 Gristleizer Roy Gwinn/Chris Carter's "Gristleizer"
133 15 The Guv Marshall Guv’nor


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
134 1 HaraKiri Overlord Seppuku Fuzz Overloader
135 2 Harmonic Energiser Systech Harmonic Energizer
136 3 Harmonic Percolator Interfax HP-1 Harmonic Percolator
137 4 HellGazer Devi Ever Shoe Gazer
138 5 HellGazer II Devi Ever Soda Meiser + Cone Ripper + controls
139 6 Hey Sucker Greer Sucker Punch
140 7 HF Modulator Jen HF Modulator
141 8 Hooch Drive JHS Moonshine
142 9 Hot Snake Treble Boost Catalinbread Naga Viper
143 10 HyPak Catalinbread HyperPak Dirty Channel
144 11 Hype Fuzz (Destructor Drive variant) Devi Ever Ruiner
145 12 Hype-R Rat 1981 Inventions DRV


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
146 1 Impossibility Drive Effector 13 Improbability Drive


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
147 1 Jordan Bosstone Jordan Bosstone
148 2 Joy Drive Wampler Ecstacy / Euphoria
149 3 Jubbly Drive Lovepedal Jubilee
150 4 Juicy Blue Dynamic Bass OD Mad Professor Blueberry Bass Overdrive
151 5 Just The Meat Lovepedal JTM


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
152 1 Karlito Loves Fuzz Lovepedal Karl Fuzz
153 2 Kismet Stitch Catalinbread Karma Suture
154 3 Klone - Boutique Transparent OD Klon Centaur


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
155 1 Lemmo Drop Drive Lumpy's Tone Shop Lemon Drop
156 2 Lester Fuzz Black Arts Toneworks LSTR
157 3 Libido Boost Durham Sex Drive
158 4 L'il Louie - Fender Tweed tone box Lovepedal Les Lius
159 5 L'il Louie Dual 1590B Lovepedal Les Lius
160 6 L'il Louie Mini - Fender Tweed to.. See Previous
161 7 Liquified Feline Drive Steel Panther Pussy Melter
162 8 Little Axe Greer Tomahawk
163 9 Little Boy Blues Drive MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe Overdrive
164 10 Little Pecker Trem  EarthQuaker Devices Hummingbird / Vox Repeat
156 11 Little Screamer AMZ Son of Screamer, Lovepedal Eternity, Lovepedal Eternity Burst
166 12 Llamatron - Red Llama Fuzz Way Huge Red Llama
167 13 Logical Bass Pre-Amp Xotic Tri-Logic Bass Preamp
168 14 Lovely Squeezer Compressor Rothwell Love Squeezer Compressor
169 15 LPB Boost / Treble Boost / Shouting Bird EHX LPB2 / EHX Screaming Bird
170 16 Lunar Shot CultureJam Shoot the Moon (Tremulus Lune variant)


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name Discontinued?
171 1 Mad Mule - Neil Young's Weld and Rust In A Box Durham Crazy Horse
172 2 Mad Mule Vertical format Durham Crazy Horse
173 3 Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz
174 4 Magic Vibes Tremelo Bigfoot FX Magnavibe **
(see note immediately below)
175 5 Master Boner  z.Vex Super Hard On / EarthQuaker Devices Black Eye
176 6 Mastodon Bass Fuzz z.Vex Mastotron
177 7 Maximus Distortium Krank Distortus Maximus/
also inspired by the Pro Tone Body Rot
178 8 May 83 Treble Boost Pete Cornish TB83
179 9 MegaHIWatt - Vintage HIWATT Amp Tone Catalinbread WIIO / RAH
180 10 Merky Fuzz  Catalinbread Merkin Fuzz
181 11 MicroAmp MXR Microamp
182 12 Micro V Filter Musitronics Mu-Tron Micro V
183 13 Model T - Sunn PreAmp Inspired by Sunn Model T amp
184 14 Moon Phaser  EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter
185 15 Moon Unit - Dark Side of the Fuzz Skreddy Lunar Module
186 16 Moo-Tron Auto Filter Musitronics Mutron III
187 17 Morning Wood Drive JHS Morning Glory
188 18 Mosrite Fuzz Rite Mosrite Fuzzrite
189 19 Mucky Hush Overdrive Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
190 20 Muff Gun Fuzz* Death By Audio Fuzz Gun Yes
191 21 Muffled Gun Fuzz Blackout Effectors Musket
192 22 Mutantes Fuzz “Os Mutantes” Regulus VIII

Mark Dancer explains (email to Thermionic Studios dated 07-Apr-2021)!

I know this one seems a bit strange, saying that a Fuzz Dog pedal that is marketed as a tremolo is a clone of a pedal that is marketed as a vibrato, but

  1. the Magnavibe has a range of settings where it sounds more like a wobbly tremolo than a vibrato; and
  2. the Magnatone amps had a "tremolo" circuit that modulated the pitch rather than the volume (i.e., it was a vibrato).

Thanks Mark!


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
193 1 N-er-Getic Fuzz Pete Cornish NG-2
194 2 No-Tube Driver  Buffalo TD-X (a non-tube Butler Tube Driver emulator)


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
195 1 Ocean Engine Chorus EarthQuaker Devices Sea Machine
196 2 Octanium  z.Vex Octane
197 3 Octave Master Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
198 4 Octavia Tycho Brahe / Roger Mayer Octavia
199 5 Octo Factory Stork Eight Factory
200 6 Omega Treble Boost* Runoff Groove Omega Treble Booster
201 7 One Knob Fuzz (Ceremony Variant) Colorsound One Knob Fuzz
202 8 One Knob Fuzz (Thug Dark Variant)* Creepy Fingers Fuzzbud
203 9 Orange King Drive EarthQuaker Devices Monarch
204 10 Orange Squeezer Compressor Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
205 1 P45 Phaser MXR Phase 45
206 2 Parental Guidance JHS Paul Gilbert PG-14
207 3 Para-Drive Emerson Paramount OD
208 4 Peachy Fuzz Frantone Peach Fuzz
209 5 Pep Box WEM Pep Box
210 6 Phaze 90 MXR Phase 90
211 7 Pink Plexi Distortion Lovepedal Purple Plexi
212 8 Pitbull - Tweakable Silicon Tone Bender Mictester (FSB member) Silicon Tonebender
213 9 Pixel Drive Wampler Plexi-Drive
214 10 The Prince Analogman Prince of Tone
215 11 Pussy King - Hybrid Fuzz/Distortion Catalinbread Katzenkonig


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
216 1 Quack Machine Envelope Filter AMZ Doctor Quack by Jack Orman
217 2 Quiet Boost Z.Vex Soul Sonic Crackle NOT O.K. Boost (no crackle!)


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name Discontinued?
218 1 Ramesses Fuzz Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh
219 2 Range Master Germ. Treble Boost Dallas Rangemaster
220 3 Range Master Plus Si/Ge Dallas Rangemaster (modified)
221 4 Rattle Crow / Dirty Bird LastGasp Art Laboratories Rattle Crow Resistive Filter / Moosapotamus Dirty Bird
222 5 Raw Fuzz* Death by Audio Fuzz War Yes
223 6 Reasonably Good Mangler Dwarfcraft Great Destroyer
224 7 Recurring Nightmare - Modulated Delay Death by Audio Echo Dream
225 8 Repeater Vox Repeat Percussion
226 9 Revelator Fuzz  Black Arts Toneworks Revelation SuperLead /
Black Arts Toneworks Revelation SuperBass
227 10 Rock Box Z.Vex Box Of Rock
228 11 Rock Box Boostless Zvex Box of Rock "Rock/distortion" side only
229 12 Rodent Baxandall Pro Co Rat with Baxandall Tone Stack
230 13 Rodent Distortion Pro Co Rat
231 14 Rooby  Devi Ever Ruby / Devi Ever 90 /
Devi Ever Hound's Tooth
232 15 Ruby / Noisy Cricket Mini Guitar Amp Runoff Groove Ruby / Beavis Audio Noisy Cricket
233 16 Ruckus - High Gain Distortion Suhr Riot
234 17 RunoffGroove Ginger RunoffGroove Ginger
235 18 RunoffGroove THOR RunoffGroove THOR


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
236 1 Sacred Utterance Overdrive Blackout Effectors Mantra Overdrive
237 2 Samurai Boost Keeley Katana Boost
238 3 Sandbank Drive EarthQuaker Devices Dunes
239 4 SD-9 Sonic Distortion  Ibanez / Maxon SD-9
240 5 Shin-Ei FY2 Companion Fuzz Shin Ei Companion Fuzz
241 6 Shred Master Marshall Shredmaster
242 7 Shred Master Vertical format Marshall Shredmaster
243 8 Sideswipe  Ibanez Tubescreamer w/ Baxandall tone stack
244 9 Signal Sloth Boss SG-1 Slow Gear
245 10 Simple Circuit Tester Fuzzdog Original
246 11 Simple Compressor MicTester Really Cheap Compressor
247 12 Simple One-Knob Reverb 1776 Effects Rub-a-Dub Reverb
248 13 Solar Face Fuzz Analog Man Sun Face
249 14 Sonic Tight'un Distortion D*A*M Sonic Titan
250 15 SoopaCharged Overdrive Catalinbread Super Charged OD
251 16 Southern Lights Greer Southland
252 17 Spectre Verb EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo
253 18 Splendid SRV  Love Pedal Super 6 Stevie Mod
254 19 Spooky Mids Filter JHS Haunting Mids
255 20 SRS Exciter SRS Eq Exciter
256 21 Stinky Cheese Fuzz Lovetone Big Cheese
257 22 String Stinger Drive Vertex Effects Steel String Clean Drive
258 23 Sumble Drive Mad Professor Simble Overdrive
259 24 Sunny-T - cranked Sunn Model T EQD Acapulco Gold
260 25 Sunny-T Extreme - Total Sonic Destruction Modified EQD Acapulco Gold
261 26 Super Cranker  EarthQuaker Devices Special Cranker
262 27 Super Fuzz - Univox / Shin-Ei Companion Fuzz FY6 Univox Superfuzz
263 28 Super Skwisher - Ross/Dynacomp Compressor Ross Grey Compressor
264 29 Super Sweety Drive Pete Cornish SS2
265 30 Supreaux Bolt JHS SuperBolt (modified Runoff Groove Supreaux)
266 31 Supreme Being Fuzz Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva
267 32 SweetyPuss - Octave-up fuzz Foxx Tone Machine derivative


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
268 1 Terminator Fuzz  EarthQuaker Devices Terminal Fuzz
269 2 Texas Treble  Diaz Texas Ranger
[based on the Dallas Rangemaster]
270 3 Throb Tremolo Schaller Tremolo
271 4 Thug DeLuxe D*A*M Meathead Deluxe
272 5 Thug Fuzz D*A*M Meathead
273 6 Tight White Drive EarthQuaker Devices White Light
274 7 Tone Bender Mk III Colorsound Tonebender v3
275 8 Tone Bender Pro MkII Colorsound Tonebender v2
276 9 Tone Cleanser EQ HomeBrew Electronics Detox EQ
277 10 Tone Mender Runoff Groove Tone Mender
278 11 Tone Ripper Colorsound OC140 Tonebender
279 12 Toxic Minx MXR Distortion+, DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp
280 13 Treble Deluxe Fryer Guitars Treble Deluxe (?)
281 14 TriVibe Runoff Groove TriVibe
282 15 Tube Bender  Dinosaural Tube Bender
283 16 Tube Screamer TS808 / TS9 Ibanez TS-808
284 17 Two Dozen Silvertones trad3mark (@ Freestompboxes) Eighty Seven
Percent De Stijl / JHS Twin Twelve


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
285 1 Ultimatum Octave-Up Fuzz Fulltone Ultimate Octave
286 2 Univox Square Wave Fuzz Univox Square Wave Fuzz
287 3 Ursa Fuzz inspired by KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
288 1 Vary-Boost  Catalinbread VariOboost
289 2 The Verb - Box of Hall Reverb Culturejam Box of Hall Reverb
290 3 Verb Engine Death by Audio Reverberation Machine
291 4 Vintage Pow Colorsound Overdrive
292 5 Vintage Pow (with charge pump)* Colorsound Power Boost
293 6 Vintage Vox Drive Lovepedal Englishman
294 7 Violet DuckBill Octave Fuzz Way Huge Purple Platypus
295 8 Vox Treble Boost Vox Treble Boost


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
296 1 War Pig - Black Sabbath in a Box Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra
297 2 Warp Sound - Fuzz and Filter Vorg/Pearl Warp Sound
298 3 WestWorld Drive EarthQuaker Devices Westwood
299 4 White Cliffs Drive Hermida Dover Drive
300 5 Wolf Computer Mellotone Wolf Computer
301 6 Wrecker Drive  Wampler Triple Wreck without the boost
302 7 Wrecktifier - High-Gain Distortion With Boost Wampler Triple Wreck


Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
303 1 Yellow Purl Drive Friedman Golden Pearl Overdrive


The Fuzzdog "Fuzzpups" are simply very narrow PCBs that have been designed to fit inside of a Hammond 1590G style enclosure. These enclosures are so narrow that the input and output jacks have to be offset from one another lest the tips of the RST (Ring-Sleeve-Tip) jacks collide. They've been designed to be this narrow so many many pedals can be arranged one right next to another for maximimizing the use of space that is otherwise limited by the physical dimensions of a musician's pedalboard.

Fuzzpup Kits

Total # Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Original Effect Name
304 1 FuzzPup Axis Fuzz Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz (mini)
305 2 FuzzPup Big Fluffy Pie - Bass Blender Big Muff Pi (mini)
306 3 FuzzPup Bimble  Third Man Bumble Buzz (mini)
307 4 FuzzPup Cone Ripper Devi Ever Torn's Peaker /
Devi Ever Aenima /
Devi Ever US Fuzz /
Devi Ever Never Drive (mini)
308 5 FuzzPup Crusher Experimentalists Anonymous Bit Crusher
by Colin Raffel (mini)
309 6 FuzzPup CSound Tremolo Colorsound Tremolo (mini)
310 7 FuzzPup Daddy Grace Drive/Distortion Runoff Groove Grace /
Big Daddy (mini)
311 8 FuzzPup Double-Ups Double Super-Hard-On (mini)
312 9 FuzzPup EA Trem  EA Trem (mini)
313 10 FuzzPup EPic Boost (Echoplex) EP-3 Boost (mini)
314 11 Fuzz Face - Mini* Fuzz Face (mini)
315 12 FuzzPup Hot Snake  Caralinbread Naga Viper (mini)
316 13 FuzzPup Jordan Bosstone Jordan Bosstone (mini)
317 14 FuzzPup Llamatron Way Huge Red Lama (mini)
318 15 FuzzPup Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz (mini)
319 16 FuzzPup Mosrite Fuzz Rite Mossrite Fuzz (mini)
320 17 FuzzPup Omega Treble Boost Runoff Groove Omega Treble Boost (mini)
321 18 FuzzPup Orange Squeezer Orange Squeezer (mini)
322 19 FuzzPup Pink Plexi Lovepedal Purple Plexi (mini)
323 20 FuzzPup Rodent Pro Co Rat / Turbo Rat / You Dirty Rat (mini)
324 21 FuzzPup Second Channel Z.Vex Channel 2 with volume control (mini)
325 22 FuzzPup Solar Face  Analogman SunFace /
Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (mini)
326 23 FuzzPup Southern Lights Drive  Greer Amps Lightspeed /
Greer Amps Southland (mini)
327 24 FuzzPup Sunny-T - Cranked Sunn Model T EQD Acapulco Gold (mini)
328 25 FuzzPup Thug Luxe  D*A*M Meathead Deluxe (mini)
329 26 FuzzPup Tube Reamer Runoff Groove Tube Reamer (mini)
330 27 FuzzPup Tube Screamer  Ibanez Tube Screamer (mini)
331 28 FuzzPup Vintage Soda - Intense Fuzz Devi Ever Soda Meiser / Vintage Fuzz Master (mini)


Fuzzdog has made a few different line/pedal buffers available in case there is a need for clarity or to boost what would otherwise be a loss of high-end with the desire to use a lot of true-bypass pedals. While it's "true bypass" by itself can be fine and acceptable when there are one or two pedals in an instrument chain and as long as the cord length to the amp is short. As instrument chain lengths get longer and as the number of pedals in the chain increase, the need for a buffer or two also increases.

Buffer Kits

Group # Fuzz Dog Clone Name Function
1 Cream Buffer Pete Cornish "Line Driver" buffer, Transistor-based
2 Klon Buffer Buffer designed for the Klon pedal. OpAmp-based
3 Phase Inverting Buffer Buffer with switch-enabled phase-inversion. OpAmp-based
4 Tigger Buffer DGN Custom Guitars Unity Gain Buffer, OpAmp-based


Thanks to Mark Dancer (by email on 10-Aug-2022) for an enormous update
58 pedals (too many to list!) updated for Fuzzdog's pedal name/"inspired by"/reassigned source pedal. 39 new pedals found on the Fuzzdog site (but not in this list) and so they have been added.
Thanks to Mark Nilson (by email on 02-Oct-2021) for additional updates to the list! His additions
Hey Sucker, Little Axe, and Southern Lights.
Thanks to Xavier Mahogany (@XavHambo on Twitter, 30-Apr-2021) for additional updates to the list
The Super Sweety Overdrive!
Thanks to Mark Dancer (emails across 31-Mar, 02-, 04-, 05-, 06-, and 07-Apr, 2021) for additional updates to the list
* Cream Buffer, Tigger Buffer, Magic Vibes Tremolo, AstroTone Fuzz, Beast Overdrive, Chimera Pre Amp, Fuzz Raw V1 & V2, Glam Chorus, Gloomy Drive, Hooch Drive, Hype-R Rat, Liquified Feline Drive, Maximus Distortium, Model T, One Knob Fuzz, One Knob Fuzz, Rattle Crow / Dirty Bird, Recurring Nightmare, Rodent Baxandall, Solar Face Fuzz, Sumble Drive, Tone Cleanser EQ, and Wolf Computer
Thanks to Unkle Phil (22-Oct-2019) for additional updates to the list
186,282 MPS Drive, Baxandall Big Muff Pi, Chestnut Mutt Bass Fuzz, Crimson Nipper Drive, Death Drive Mini, Dude Boost, Evil Android, Exploder Fuzz, Germanium Tart, Green Ghetto, N-er-Getic Fuzz, The Prince, Signal Sloth, SRS Exciter, Ursa Fuzz (update), and Valve Wizard's Engineer Thumb
Thanks to Unkle Phil (05-May-2019) for additional updates to the list!
Muff Gun Fuzz, Ramesses Fuzz, Violet DuckBill Octave Fuzz, and Rock Box Boostless
Thanks to Unkle Phil (02-May-2019) for additional updates to the list!
Bad Mofo Bass Overdrive Preamp, Brass Blender Octo Factory, FA-1 FET Preamp, Hyper Fuzz, Impossibility Drive, Karlito Loves Fuzz, Pittbull, Verb Machine, and Vintage Vox Drive
Thanks to Unkle Phil (04-Mar-2019) for updates to the list!
Angry Chuck, Angry Andy, Cone Cranker, Dirt Dealer Fuzz, Eagle Claw OD, Eight Two Zero, Electrica +, Libido Boost, Mad Mule, Ocean Engine Chorus, Ramesses Fuzz, Sandbank Drive
Thanks to Aelfric (06-Oct-2018) for updates to the list!
7 of Dwarves Auto Wah, Dirty Kazoo, Emperor Dual OD, Green Stinger, Juicy Blue Dynamic Bass OD, Moon Unit, Spectre Verb
Thanks to Aelfric (21-May-2018) for additional updates to the list
Lester Fuzz
Thanks to Aelfric (24-Apr-2018) for additional updates to the list
Newly identified: Amber Chuck V4, Beast Overdrive, BeeBaa Fuzz, Cream Buff, Deep Vibes Optical Vibe Machine, Dr. Boogie Distortion, English Channel, FuzzPup Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz, FuzzPup Rodent, Goliath Space Fuzz, Green Citrus, Jubbly Drive, Just The Meat, Klon Buffer, Logical Bass Pre-Amp, Maestro MFZ-1 Fuzz, Micro V Filter, Muffled Gun Fuzz, Octave Master, Octavia, Octo Factory, Pep Box, Range Master Plus Si/Ge, RunOffGroove Ginger, Simple Compressor, Sonic Tight'un Distortion, Spooky Mids Filter, String Stinger Drive, Supreme Being Fuzz, Two Dozen Silvertones!, WestWorld Drive, White Cliffs Drive, Yellow Purl Drive Updates: 19 Bells Fuzz (Pink Pig), 19 Bells Fuzz (The Bell), Analog-like Echo, Bazz Fuzz, Box of Tone 50, BuzzAround, Cherub Chorus, Ex-Con Overdrive, FuzzPup Crusher, FuzzPup Second Channel, Graphic Fuzz, Gristleizer, HaraKiri Overlord, HellGazer, Little Screamer, Little Screamer (Forever), Little Screamer (Forever Explosion), Lunar Shot, Maximus Distortium, Moon Unit, Morning Wood Drive, One Knob Fuzz, One Knob Fuzz (Thug), Pitbull, Super Skwisher, Supreaux Bolt, The Verb, Thug DeLuxe, Thug Fuzz, Tone Ripper, Toxic Minx (Dist+), Toxic Minx (OD250), Treble Deluxe, Vintage Pow, Vintage Pow (with charge pump)
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