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Damage Control Inc. is now known as Strymon.

Damage Control first came to market with their vacuum tube effects pedals. Early on, even before starting Thermionic Studios, we were captured with their company vision.

Despite no longer existing as a company, Damage Control effects pedals are very highly regarded. While they can be considered unwieldy the pedals flexible function-wise and are incredibly musical. Trying to be different, Damage Control incorporated a color-changing "Magic Eye" into their pedals. While the Magic Eye is novel (aka "gimmicky"), the company probably would have fared better simply by focusing on high-quality vacuum tube pedals. When the company became Strymon, they made this exact pivot by dropping the Magic Eye. However (and unfortunately in our eyes), they also pivoted their focus into digital effects, abandoning their tube-powered effects.

Despite our criticisms, we think Damage Control pedals are top notch and musicians should always be on the lookout for opportunities to obtain and use these unique and great-sounding pedals.

We have endeavored to collect a few meaningful Damage Control pedals. As always, we're down for renting them to you for your practice, performance, or recording sessions.

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