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1776 Effects was started and is owned by Josh McClarren. His website sells printed circuit boards (PCBs) of his own design, electronic parts for the PCBs, and as of this article, sells a custom assembled pedal called the "Multiplex Echo Machine Deluxe" that is not available in PCB form.

Pedals Available

  • Britannia - Designed and redesigned by Runoff Groove, the Brittania is their latest version of a Vox AC-30 emulator in a pedal. 1776 Effects designed a PCB for the project and was granted permission to sell it. Runoff Groove's first attempt at a pedal-based Vox AC-30 is called the "English Channel".
  • Cardinal Tremolo - a Harmonic Tremolo effect based off an older Fender architecture (A common tremolo effect Fender built into their amps).
  • Multiplex Echo Machine - Emulator of three different kinds of tape delay depending on how the controls are set:
    1. Binson Echorec
    2. Roland RE-201 Space Echo
    3. Echoplex v. p3
  • Multiplex Jr. - Emulator of Echoplex Ep3, includes a "warble" control to emulate the chorusing effect of an original Echoplex that is in need of some service.