Restoration: Randall "RG100 Classic", Part 2

So you may remember that we had taken in a 1980s Randall "RG100 Classic". While we didn't take any pictures of the amplifier when it first arrived here at Thermionic Studios, we did take some after we'd broken it down a bit for repair. We also took pictures of some of the repair work, including using Bondo where necessary.

Well, here's the finished product.

Here's what the repair included:

  • Strip off all old tolex
  • Sand off all old glue
  • Get new Randall-appropriate knobs
  • Deodorize/cleanse amp of previous environment (lots of cigarette smoke)
  • Fix headshell. Fill holes, repair non-smooth surfaces
  • Fix front headshell facade - Bondo'ed up corners
  • Fix rear headshell facade - not as bad as front, but some of the wood corners were crumbling. Used wood glue.
  • Repaint amplifier nameplate
  • Verify electronics work (yes!) and were not damaged by smoker environment
  • Replacement of missing instrument jack nuts on front of amp
  • Repaint interior of headshell
  • New rubber gaskets for holding reverb tank in place
  • New rubber holding strap
  • New welting (upholstery piping)
  • Cutting and adhering new tolex to headshell including front and back
  • All new stainless/nickel wood and machine screws to match distressed hardware that had been reclaimed
  • New rubber feet

Here are some really nice tutorials on how to retolex your own amp cabinets:
Alex Knappenberger:
Uncle Doug:
Reliable Hardware:

Unlike the example of Uncle Doug, we did not overlap our tolex, and unlike the examples of Alex and Reliable Hardware, we matched up our tolex in the middle of the amp on the bottom. We needed to redo some of the contact cement on the bottom seams, but now excepting the actual tolex texturing, you can't tell there's a seam on the bottom. We're really happy with the work we did to get this amp into rentable shape.

Next projects that need refurbishing, and possible rewiring:

  • 100 Watt Laney AOR head (same model as owned by Warren DeMartini from Ratt, and very similar to the Laney Pro-Tube owned by Matt Pike from Sleep)
  • 100 Watt Sovtek H100 (the high-gain version, the low gain is the U100)
  • 100 Watt Ampeg VT22 (this will require a lot of work, we're afraid...)
Front View Completed Randall RG100 Original Refurbish
Oblique of Refurbished Randall RG100 Original Headshell
Slight Oblique of Refurbished Randall RG100 Original Minus Nameplate
Deep Oblique of Refurbished Randall RG100 Original Minus Nameplate
Rear View of Refurbished Randall RG100 Original in Brown Croc
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