Black Sabbath: Released 45 Years Ago Today

Forty-five years ago today, Black Sabbath released their first album to the world. The band was even so generous as to upload a video of their performance live at L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris performing songs from the first album and Paranoid on 20 December 1970:

We've all watched this a few times at various places on YouTube. It's awesome to see a Black Sabbath-sanctioned version!

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Show: Fallujah in Santa Ana

Show: Fallujah in Santa Ana
  • Archspire
  • Lorna Shore
  • The Zenith Passage
  • Her Name Was Disaster
  • Concrete Sledge
  • Inhuman Attrocities
  • Gravespell
  • Vampire Squid
  • Grandlord High Master
  • Black Vulture Conspiracy

21+ only
$12 advance
$15 at the door

Malone's Bar and Grill
604 E. Dyer Rd.
Santa Ana, CA, 92705

14 Mar 2015 | 06:00pm
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