Happy 2017 to Everyone!

Merry New Year! Happy 2017 to everyone! Did you get a chance to see the Mariah Carey fiasco on New Year's Eve?

One of the reason we've been slow to post is because we've gotten involved with helping getting a new radio station started in Long Beach, California. We have been working on a lot of new content... Yes we know we have Part II of the Amp Show article to finish - along with another describing the main difference between a Marshall JMP and a Marshall JCM. That having been said, there's stuff we've been involved with on the radio station side that we're not permitted to discuss just yet, but this is going to be an actual terrestrial radio station that's broadcasting an FM signal and that will simultaneously be streaming online.

Here's some other items we've been collecting information on:

  • Different Kinds of Wah-wah pedals and architectures
  • The different kinds of inductors that are available for Wah-wah pedals
  • Ideas for putting a standard "pedal" into a treadled enclosure (like a wah-wah pedal) and why
  • Different manufacturers of PCBs and pedal kits that we've been purchasing from
  • Pedal projects that we're building
  • The new amplifiers we've been getting for repair and rental (we've only shown a VERY small sampling so far)
  • Record companies and we've been following and purchasing from (gotta have music to play on the station!)
  • Will we be able to get to the NAMM show this month? If not, this year?

Our New Year's resolution is to post once a week. We hope, that unlike most resolutions - this one sticks. Contact us with your ideas! We'd love to hear from you,

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