Metallica Revisiting Earliest Days - Release News

We've been pretty clear, at least in an earlier article, about our feelings about Metallica, so we won't belabor them here. However, in order to be consistent with and to those feelings, it seems only fair to give credit where credit is due. Metallica is launching a reissue project where they're taking their cassette release from 1982, "No Life Till Leather", and remastering it and apparently a bunch of other material, and releasing it.

The interesting part is that much of the material seems to have come from old cassette tapes that were lost to the band and had to be found by a private detective doing the actual legwork of finding people who may have received a copy of old music on cassette thirty or so years ago, and getting it out from under their beds.

There's a pretty interesting article from Rolling Stone that discusses that effort, and some of the musings of the band, trying to find their way back to that time and that sound:

Metallica No Life Till Leather
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