What The Hell Were They Thinking?

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Metallica and Lou Reed release "Lulu". What they hell were they thinking?

One of the comments I've read about Lulu has Lars Ulrich quoted as saying it was recorded in four days. This, of course, alludes to the genius sessions of when Black Sabbath both recorded their first album in four days while doing so on a 4-track recorder.

That's where the similarity ends. To be honest, we stopped being fans of Metallica about 15 years ago. While "The Black Album" may have been the pinnacle of Metallica's popular and financial success, we believe that the actual pinnacle of their artistic acheivement was Master of Puppets. We are huge fans of Master of Puppets. We're even fans of the Black Album. There's even some reasonably listenable stuff on Load. But we stand by the opinion that Metallica artistically peaked somewhere around 1986/1987.

Now, we understand that this particular position regarding Metallica is just an opinion, and not an opinion that everyone shares. That said, if you disagree you can start your own website to argue your point.

There are also those who think that iconoclast and avant garde 60s rocker Lou Reed can do no wrong. Again, they're entitled to their opinion.

The most bizarre thing is that Lulu was released in 2011 meaning that this is not really news. That said, we didn't even know about this album, having only just run into it on a facebook post. Following links and reviews, we read that the album, since releasing in 2011, has sold maybe 33,000 copies. It would seem there wasn't much marketing put into selling this album.

After giving it our best go at a listening, there really are some decent heavy rhythms and riffs on this album. For example, "The View", has a great slow riff that forms the foundation, but contrasting that against the "meant-to-be-provocative-but-actually-stupid" lyrics and Lou Reed's horrible performance destroy what could have been an interesting and musically-challenging experience. Kudos to Metallica for attempting to be artistically interesting and challenging again. Unfortunately the effort failed.