Here's some of what's going on in the heavy music scene today. If you're an enthusiast, a performer, a collector, or anything else, check it out. The articles are always changing. If you have your own site that caters to the creation, the performance, or the enjoyment of heavy music, please don't hesitate to contact us to let us know what you're doing. We'd love to include your site's content in our feeds list.

Otherwise, if you know something we're missing from your favorite sites please let us know,. We'll reach out to the site manager for inclusion here.

Please also note that the lists in and of themselves DO NOT consist of everything available in those categories. If you click the "More" links at the bottom of each of the lists, you'll be taken to pages and pages of "not-as-new" news. Please review at your leisure.

  • Festival News - News about upcoming festivals, the bands associated, and attendance information.
  • Skills Improvement - We try to pack this with information on how to improve your Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboard, Vocal, Recording, Booking, or Band Management
  • Band Spotlight - highlight upcoming releases and recent doings of your band
  • Gear Reviews - microphones, keyboards, guitars, amps, pedals, tools, basses, accessories, books, instructional videos, etc.
  • Webzine News - There are a lot of websites that publish articles about what's going on in the music world. It could be creation, performance, appreciation, etc.
  • Merchant Releases - Are new stocks of limited releases being made available? Has a store just gotten new stock in? Find out here.
  • Indie Labels - Independent record labels get some love here.