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This is to allow copy-and-paste to make templated/formated pedal pages easier to get started and format. The "page" shows the rendered wikicode. This provides the wikicode so that the template page need not be accessed by the edit feature.

{| align="right"
 | __TOC__
[[Brand]] PedalName function.  Background information - cultural elements.

; If Thermionic Studios has one(1), or two(2) of these pedals available for rental. (otherwise delete this)

[[File:PedalImageTemplate.png|right|frame|<div style="text-align:right">Image from [ Reference Image]</div>]]
* Knob 1 - '''"Control1"''': Adjusts the control1 feature with fully clockwise being maximum.
* Knob 2 - '''"Control2"''': Adjusts the control2 feature with fully clockwise being maximum.
* Footswitch 1 - '''"On/Off"''': This footswitch toggles the pedal between engaged/active ("On"), and bypassed ("Off")

==Bypass: Buffered/True==
Delete whichever header piece is incorrect and provide a small description for the other.

==General Information==
Additional Feature Description - Technical elements
Never forget that regardless of whatever informational section, good descriptions of things (in this case pedals) require ad-libbing additional Subjects/Titles, and Sub-Subjects/Titles. This is important as particular and peculiar features regarding a pedal stand out, and thus require calling out.  Let form follow function.

==Pedal Manual==
Upload and link a digital version of the provider's manual for corresponding pedal. When unavailable, this page may be the best reference for use of such pedal.

Copyright may prevent us from sharing the manual and this should also be mentioned, if applicable.

==Build Details==
In the instance where this is a pedal built by Thermionic Studios, provide the specifics of the build in this section here. In the instance of a production pedal, either post an image of the completed PCB of the production in the enclosure, or remove this page section entirely.
[[File:JMKPCBs_TestingRig_PCB.png|center|frame|<div style="text-align:right">JMKPCBs Testing Rig PCB</div>]]

{| class="wikitable" style="center; margin-right:20px; background-color:#eeffee;" cellpadding="10"
! Item || Value
| '''''PCB Creator''''' || (PCB Creator)
| PCB Dimensions || length X width (metric)<br>length x width (SAE)
| Enclosure Size || Hammond 1590(!!)/1550(!!)
| Enclosure Orientation || Portrait / Landscape
| Power Adapter || 9 volts, Standard Boss "barrel-negative" supply <br>9-volt battery snap available
| Power Consumption || 'XXX' milliamps

==Phase Inversion: Yes/No==
{| class="wikitable" style="left; margin-right:20px; background-color:#eeffee;" cellpadding="10"
! Schematic ID || Electronic Part || Action || Phase State
| X || X || X || X


[[File:Thermionic_TemplateSchematic.png|center|frame|<div style="text-align:right">© Copyright 2019, Thermionic Studios</div>]]

We are currently unaware of any artists actively using the pedal now, or who have in the past.
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