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The Ibanez NU Tube Screamer overdrive. Wait, what?

So we really only learned about this after looking at how to fill out our stock of pedal PCBs. We could conceivably just buy PCBs that are simply clones of existing pedals, and in some cases we have done that - most specifically where it's not possible to get the pedal from the original manufacturer anymore, or to find the pedal on the 2nd hand market at a reasonable price. We believe we've been through all the available PCB makers and just about exhausted our ability to get unique pedal circuits. However, we do still look. Our shorter-term goal has been to accumulate "500 pedals with more than half of those hand-built from PCBs or kits". We want to make pedals available that you just can't get from anyone else.

So we were looking around trying to see how we could get to 250 or more. And then we saw this on It was out of stock, but WHOA! A whole new implementation of vacuum tube technology? After watching some Youtube reviews and reading around, we were thinking "where the hell have we been? Has the Covid pandemic really narrowed our viewpoint that much?". Upon some reflection we have to belatedly admit that it probably has...

But this new 6P1 seems pretty interesting? And that it'd already been put into a pedal? So we dug into everything immediately available that we could find out about this new "dual-triode vacuum tube". Even more interesting, there are 6P1 units available today for sale and available for use in your own electronic projects. We bought a few and are keeping them on hand "just in case" some moment of inspiration or opportunity strikes.

Can it be said that this is "just another Tube Screamer"? Yes. However, we feel that the technology is interesting. Maybe this is just unique enough for a musician to create a new tonal possibilities that aren't otherwise available.

Thermionic Studios has one(1) Ibanez NU Tube Screamer available for rental.


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  • Knob 1 - "Drive": Turning this up (clockwise) increases the amount of Overdrive.
  • Knob 2 - "Tone": Fully clockwise allows the greatest amount of high-frequency. Turning counter-clockwise rolls off those high frequencies.
  • Knob 3 - "Level": More clockwise = more volume. Simple enough!
  • MiniKnob 1 - "Mix": Select from between "clean boost" (left) to "overdrive" (right). What it really seems to do is provide the ability to select between the tones of the Ibanez OD-808 and the TS-9.
  • Footswitch 1 - "On/Off": This footswitch toggles the pedal between engaged/active ("On"), and bypassed ("Off")

Bypass: Buffered/True

Buffered. All Ibanez production pedals are buffered. This should be no exception.

General Information


Never forget that regardless of whatever informational section, good descriptions of things (in this case pedals) require ad-libbing additional Subjects/Titles, and Sub-Subjects/Titles. This is important as particular and peculiar features regarding a pedal stand out, and thus require calling out. Let form follow function.

Pedal Manual

Phase Inversion: Yes/No

Schematic ID Electronic Part Action Phase State


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We are currently unaware of any artists actively using the pedal now, or who have in the past.

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