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So since this site is about helping you become the best musical artist you can be, what you're going to find in our artists section are not life histories or interesting trivia about your favorite artist. We don't care that s/he had "X" number of sexual partners. We care that s/he wrote and performed awesome music. Was s/he a despicable person? An admirable person? We don't care. Well, that's not true. We do care. But this isn't the venue for critiquing the lifestyles of our favorite artists. Totally despicable people will simply not be included.

This place is to serve as a repository of the gear and techniques of our favorite artists. There used to be some website that actually had drawings of the signal chains of many, if not most of our heroes. Those drawings were many times wrong, but they at least served as a starting point and were, many times, *mostly* right. Presuming your favorites are, or at some point get listed here, will we make it possible for you to sound exactly like them? Probably not. As we stated earlier, you could have every single piece of equipment your favorite artists use and you'd still only get in the neighborhood.

The rest of the distance has be your hard work.

But, as you know, we're here to help.

So we have listed below a number of "heavy" genres. They are all linked by a common thread of highly-amplified, loud, distorted guitars, melancholy, mournful, regretful, or forlorn lyrics, and what are typically down-tempo rhythms. There are other genres of music that we appreciate and listen to (Zander, beyond Metal and Doom, likes Baroque Classical, Industrial, certain flavors of Techno, some Progressive Rock, and oddly, Disco), but our first love and the focus of this site and this community centers around the the common elements that these heavy musical genres share.

While you can always use this site to search for a particular artist, we have also done our best to group artists by genre or sub-genre. Chances are, if you know the genre, you'll probably find who you're looking for...