Guitar-making and the State of Ebony in our World's Forests Today

Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars made a video back in 2012 - we just found it at

If you have 15 minutes available, please take a look at the video made by Bob Taylor and listen about the use of ebony and the changes that humanity has made of the earth.

The way instruments are made for people is going to change. The way companies build instruments is going to change. The traditional materials that we have used for making instruments is going away. Ebony is one example.

That Bob had the moral compass to make the decision about how wood is sourced and HAD THE MEANS to do something about it is phenomenal and we applaud his willingness to investigate and that he made a decision on what he was willing to do with respect to how ebony was harvested.

We're not going to do any fingerwagging about what each of us can and should do regarding the state of our world and environment. We believe that every adult understands what it means to change our consumption patterns so that the world will continue to be a rich place for our children and their children's children.