Goodbye Lemmy

On December 26, two days ago, Lemmy Kilmister was notified of a particularly aggressive form of cancer.

Today, December 28th, two days later, Lemmy died.

Lemmy first got his start as bass player for a band in the 60s called the Rockin' Vicars (now found as "Rockin Vickers"). He then graduated to 70s space rock group, Hawkwind. Here's Wikipedia's profile on him...

A true carrier of the torch of and for the Rock-n-Roll lifestyle, Lemmy lived hard, rocked hard, and made no apologies for his choice of lifestyle. Motorhead, his band, never achieved top-tier status but has always been a favorite of hard-rockers around the world. Lemmy lived the example that he, his band Motorhead, and that the music he played, espoused to others.

While we envy the romanticized hard-drinking, hard-driving, hard-living lifestyle of Lemmy, we would be irresponsible to advocate this lifestyle to others. We idolize it and yet we ourselves, with children and mortgages and car payments, are just a bit too timid to live it. After all, tens of thousands have attempted what Lemmy did. How many others have succeeded? Not even Keith Richards is as reknown for having held up under such self-inflicted abuse. I guess you could say, "we worship from afar..."

In the coming days we'll review Lemmy's sound, his equipment, and his signal chain, for those who, like us, are interested in doing what they can to pick up the torch that he's had to lay down.

Lemmy - thanks for charting new seas in this world. We look forward to the day we can meet back up with you to see what seas you've charted (if there are any...) in the next.

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