Some Early-style Floyd Rose Bridges Available

So we occasionally look to keep our eye out for things that take us back to "The Halcyon Days".

This "Golden Age" includes gear for musicians that used to be available but no longer is. We look for things in the past that musicians claimed to give them great tone.

We've found just such an occurrence. We've had our eye out for the early style Floyd Rose vibrato bar bridge - the one that DOESN'T have the fine tuners on it. George Lynch has been an advocate of this bridge, and we know that Floyd Rose really got his big break when he put a prototype vibrato into the hands of Eddie Van Halen.

There are currently 5 such bridges available at what seems to be a pretty reasonable price. We may get one here at Thermionic, perhaps if only for posterity, but probably at least for a gear review...

They can be found

The seller appears to be the same. The name of the seller is different, but the quantities (5 currently) and the prices are the same.

Even the Floyd Rose website seems to have these available, but not at the price we see at eBay and Amazon.

Old School Floyd Rose Locking Vibrato No Fine Tuners 17Jul2015
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