Blood of the Sun

In what is arguably the finest expression of the form, we present Blood of the Sun. For the quality of music that this band puts out, they seem to be dancing with obscurity. We're not aware of any particulars of this band. They just write and perform music that evokes 1971 at its finest. Blood of the Sun includes uncompromising guitars, a raspy yet not unpleasant vocalist, a Bill Ward-esque drummer, and what from our ears sounds to be an authentic Hammond B3 played exquisitely, including room in the songs for phenomenal organ solos. We think that if this band and its music were lost to the sands of time, that not only would it be a blow to civilization, but that the very tangible and yet very difficult-to-follow link between 60's psychedelia and 80's heavy metal might unfortunately be ceded to a single band: Deep Purple. We heartily recommend that you buy this band's albums and make requests that they play a venue near you. Then go see them. This band is too good to let slip away.

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Blood of the Sun's album cover Death Ride
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