Successful Practices Deduced from Successful Players

I wanted to share this interesting article I found shared on a posting on Facebook. As you know, we're all about artists getting their practice routines down so that they are practicing more efficiently, better, faster, and coming to a place where at the end of their practice, there is greater reward. Increased practice discipline, while it can create its own reward, can be taken to extremes. I've read a fanzine article or two about musicians practicing eight hours a day. Some readers see that, especially when it comes from a famous and highly-compensated artist, and without applying any skepticism, believe it represents the truth of what it means to be a great and successful artist.

There are a few things to consider:

  1. THIS particular practice form works for THIS artist
  2. This practice form is an exaggeration based on how the artist wishes to be seen by his/her fellow artists
  3. This practice form is an exaggeration based on how the artist wishes to be seen by his/her fans
  4. This practice form is a deception based on the artist wishing to keep successful practice methods secret
  5. This practice form is an embellishment of the interviewer
  6. This practice form is being communicated inaccurately because it's coming third-hand ( heard from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who...)

Here is the article from

The article describes, when posed with a challenging piece of music, the techniques that the players who most successfully played the music applied. There are eight techniques that were used. The most successful players shared a number of them.

Depending on how regimented your own practice regime is, application of some of these techniques could offer a good bit of assistance. Successful Practice Techniques Reviewed
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