Planet of the Amps!

Fans of old Orange and Matamp amplifiers rejoice!

Planet of the Amps has lots of old amps for you to drool over. Planet of the Amps was put up by Joel Wheeler, who owns Electric Amp Company, USA.

It just so happens that a lot of downtuned Fuzz/Doom bands (starting most famously, with Sleep and their crusade to get as many old Oranges as they could to revive them...) LOVE the sound of the amps that Planet of the Amps features.

The really interesting story is that Joel took over Matamp distribution here in the United States. Long story short, Matamp was failing to deliver its orders in a timely manner, and when it delivered them, the amps were faulty. There's a whole story documenting this business folly on Joel's Electric Amp site.

Be sure to peruse the Planet of the Amps, if only to see if it gives you gear acquisition syndrome pains for both you and your band!

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