For the time being, what you see might be an innocuous, if opinionated, online journal. Yes, we have a journal. Yes, we have a wiki that describes equipment and techniques.
This isn't JUST a silly (but perhaps informative) online journal. These are all pieces of something that is being built to be much bigger - a sum greater than the measure of its parts...

Wait till you see what we have coming!

In the following days, as we flesh out the business, our operations will include, but not be limited to...

  • Equipment Rentals
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Band Interviews
  • Accessories and Equipment Sales
  • Gear Reviews
  • Semiannual Festivals
  • Equipment Education
  • and more...

Of course all of this is waiting on one BIG idea (Louder Rehearsals!) around which the business is really going to revolve. Today, we're not prepared to reveal this piece of the business just yet! Once everything is in place, you will learn about it...

Please stay tuned!