Intellectual Property Assistance:

Not everyone who applies effort into learning a musical instrument does so with the intention to make heaps and heaps of money. Everyone says that they do it for "the love of the music". That "love of the music" can be a convenient cover for:

  • Males who are looking for "enhanced opportunities" with females (see Lemmy Kilmister)
  • The adulation of a crowd.
  • A suitable outlet for expression that would otherwise be antisocial.
  • Therapy.

And then there are some who actually do it for the love of the music.

The "why" of this effort isn't so important. Whatever your "why" is, if you're not putting your all into your craft, you're going to get less than the best results. If you're going to be putting years of your life into this musical craft, you'd better be getting the best results. If you're not getting the best results after putting years of effort into music, perhaps it's time to rethink your career.

Regardless of your reasons for pursuing music, if you're making genuinely good, saleable product, you need to protect the work you've done. You need to protect it not because you're "protecting the music". Protecting the music is a poor rationale. The reason it's a poor rationale is because you as an artist should be wanting as many people as possible to hear your product. The wrong kind of "protecting" of your music prevents people from hearing it.

You don't want and never want to protect "your music". If you're serious about your craft, what you need to do is protect the years of investment and sacrifice made into learning the craft and performing the craft. That's what you're protecting. And that's where IPLegalFreebies seems to be really helpful. The author of IPLegalFreebies, Vanessa Kaster, is a lawyer with her own legal practice. She states on the IPLegalFreebies that her postings do not constitute legal advice, That said, there is a lot that can be gotten from the site that you can use to protect yourself. Here is an article on copyright that serves as a perfect example.

Again if you're a serious musician, read up. As the site is caters all kinds of performance art, there's going to be a good bit of what is solid advice and reminders. In other words, it's not about just what you need to do with respect to getting your CDs and other performances in order. It represents ideas and reminders for any kind of content you might come up with.

We've never met Vanessa Kaster, but we think what she's doing, even if it is freebies that remind you to do certain things, and even if it is to drum up more business for herself, is really helpful. That a lawyer will provide this information for the purpose of serving musicians and other artists is not only amazing, It's practically unheard of.

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