Bandcamp: Quick Review of Latest Palatable Offerings

Most of the metal that's up on Bandcamp is screetching banshee or growling cookie monster nonsense. My own belief, is that bands put out music like this because they can't get vocalists who are any good and end up doing the banshee/cookie monster stuff to cover up that fact. How these bands ever get listeners is beyond me. However, we've found a few gems to share with you and they will hopefully tide you over for the next few days...

It's a small sampling; we hope 6 bands will be sufficient. Here goes:

Wide Eyes, from Akron, OH, last week, on 17 Feb 2015, released "Terraforming":

King Woman, from San Francisco, CA, a few months ago, on 06-Oct-2014, released "Doubt":

Slugdge, from Lancashire, UK, little more than 6 months ago, on 28-Jun-2014, released "Gastronomicon":

  • A great example of great music gone bad. I wish I didn't like this as much as I do. When the vocals are melodic, this album is superlative. When cookie monster gets on, it goes to hell. The album track names and lyrics are hilarious! This really could have been a masterpiece.
  • Favorite track: The Sound of Mucus

Crypt Sermon from Philadelphia, PA, 2 days ago, on 24-Feb-2015, released "Out of the Garden"

White Light Cemetery, from Lafayette, LA, over a year ago, on 29-Nov-2013, released "White Light Cemetery"

Monolord, from Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2 months, on 28-Apr-2015, will release "Vænir":

Go listen. Enjoy. Constructive feedback always welcomed.

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